Hamzaa features Wretch 32 and Ghetts on ‘Breathing Pt 2’

When Hamzaa poured out her heart and thoughts on ‘Breathing’,  I thought there wasn’t any more to give. It was the most heartfelt and motivating story told over simple keys and layered vocals.

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Hamzaa didn’t have to give us Breathing Pt 2, but she did. The soulful tune featuring Wretch 32 and Ghetts is the perfect pick me up.

Breathing Pt 2 is a pure and honest tale of second chances and joyful new beginnings. It’s the theme song for living your best life and spreading love all through.

You physically feel the love pour through the lyrics and the strums of the electric guitar.  The video in itself is an extension of the energy of Breathing Pt 2. Snippets of Hamzaa, Ghetts and Wretch 32’s recording session pooled together reveals them in their raw state. You’re introduced to these creatives as human beings first, before musicians, as they share the stories of their darkest moments, and their moment of light.

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Breathing Pt 2 follows Hamzaa’s 2018 album, ‘First Signs of You‘, where the first version of Breathing sits pretty on track 2.

In a world where the lows seem to outweigh the highs, it’s great to be reminded that too much sunshine doesn’t grow the garden. Breathing did just that. Breathing Pt 2 simply a re-echo, a reminder that you’re not alone and all you need to do is just breath.

Watch the video for Breathing Pt 2 below: