SGaWD Drops Electrifying New EP ‘Tha GaWD – Side A’

Miami-based Nigerian rap sensation SGaWD is back with a bang, unleashing her highly anticipated EP ‘Tha GaWD – Side A’, a bold fusion of rap, house, electronica, and afrobeats. Following up on the success of her debut project ‘Savage Bitch Juice’, SGaWD dives deeper into her sonic exploration, blending genres effortlessly to create an intoxicating mix that pushes musical boundaries.

SGawD Tha Gawd - side A

With ‘Tha GaWD – Side A’, Our On the Rise alum, SGaWD showcases her versatility as both a rapper and singer, seamlessly transitioning between melodic flows and captivating vocals. The 7-track EP is a reflection of SGaWD’s growth as an artist and a woman navigating the complexities of the music industry, embodying her journey of self-discovery and artistic freedom.

From the empowering anthem ‘Money Prayer’ to the infectious ‘Dump All Your Worries On The Dance Floor’, each track offers a glimpse into SGaWD’s world, her thoughts, and her artistic evolution. Collaborations with talents like Moliy and GRAMMY-nominated producer GMK add further layers to the EP, showcasing SGaWD’s ability to create new sounds that resonate with listeners globally.

SGawD Tha Gawd - side A
SGawD Tha Gawd - side A

Crafted over the past two years across the vibrant landscapes of Lagos, London, and Miami, ‘Tha GaWD – Side A’ is a testament to SGaWD’s artistic evolution and her fearless exploration of new sonic territories. Through her music, SGaWD invites listeners into her world, sharing personal stories of love, introspection, and escapism while advocating for female empowerment in the music industry.

Ranked as one of the 10 best rappers in Africa by The NATIVE in her debut year 2021, SGaWD has quickly established herself as a pioneering force among a new generation of independent artists. Her unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and making her voice heard underscores her emerging legacy as an influential and lasting voice in international rap music.

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