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Sunday morning by these three should definitely be at the top of your sex playlist. Extreme mood setting and auditory erotica smothered in rap and RnB singing. I don’t know who these guys are, but I love it I love it. I love it all. Harry was a favorite from Vodafone Icons in 2013 and although he didn’t go far up the competition he definitely is still winning hearts. Going to keep my eye out for these three for more panty wetting, baby making music… or otherwise.




For once, I’ve heard a production by Drumroll that I wasn’t crazy about. Not because it was awful …no far from it, but because someone was spitting straight fire on it that I hardly even noticed Drum… I say hardly. Ozkha sounds like raw talent and could be groomed into fire flames and leave you all in ashes. I definitely want to see what he comes out with next.






Mannnn!  My speakers have caught flames and I don’t want to put them out. This guy produced Kiddblack’s Ninja Gaiden album but I never really noticed him till this beat tape! No School on Monday is pure genius! Free Badgals bost my brain briefly! That sampling of Bob Marley, Nkrumah’s independence speech and MIA’s Bad Girls is all sorts of flames. My heart is singed and my ears are ashes now. But idc idc this kid is HOT!





Saw this pop up on my TL and I must admit I am impressed. The pop/ rock vibe with this song is evident of the new wave of music coming up. We are no longer scared to be different and explore. Nel Magnum killed the production and the vocals by Quayba took it up there for me. I absolutely love the cover art.



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