On the Rise: OFITOKWA

OFITOKWA details his journey on Hotel Kalahari

Since COVID-19 knocked on the world’s doors, most of us have been missing the gift of travel. I personally never thought I’d miss overly crisp hotel sheets and questionable local airlines. Yet, here I am; wishing for just a smidgen of Air Peace’s questionable flights. In these times, I’m grateful to Gabarone based musician OFITOKWA for creating Hotel Kalahari.

The Botswana based musician created the 8 track EP early in 2018, to document his journey in life. The trap-infused pop project is a journey in itself. It explores the themes of self-doubt, self-exploration and self-improvement. OFITOKWA took inspiration from his own journey from the quiet town of Maun to the country’s capital of Gabarone, when he decided to leave home and chase his dreams.

The EP features meditative lyrics that will send you into deep reflection, but the heavy 808 bounce and vocal melodies will lift you back into reality.

For On the Rise, OFITOKWA breaks down his debut Hotel Kalahari track by track and drops gems on creating a timeless record.

Watch below: