On The Rise : Adomaa

With a gorgeous mane of Natural hair and a smile that makes the sun look like merely a flicker, this young lady has stolen my heart.

Adomaa, who’s music genre I would ignorantly place under highlife or Jazz is starting up a storm and I’m loving the shower!

Chancing upon her YouTube page my life has never been the same. No truly it hasn’t. I have fallen in love with her voice and ability to weave it with popular hiplife music and make it her own. Her mash up of Stnebwoy’s Baafira and Sarkodie’s Adonai is simply amazing.

The accompanying video to this mashup has and excellent video and sound quality. The smallish looking girl with a goddess braid singing Baafira and Adonai in the most girlish calming voice ever, which is a contrast to the hyped male voices of the original artistes stole my musical heart. I was in love.
I know I always say this but she is beautiful, her voice is beautiful, the video is beautiful.
Just a strumming of an acoustic guitar accompanied the song but I think her voice was enough.
She had a brilliant smile and the songs intertwined beautifully between one another and as her voice looped between the two popular hip life songs she gave it a nearly jazzy feel but still with that Ghanaian essence.
Immediately that video ended, I proceeded to listen to her mashup of Ghanaian songs through the ages called Evolution of Ghanaian Music. She wove through Osibisa, to Abrewa Nana and to modern music all the while changing costume. Big ups to whoever directed that video!  It was interesting and the music was amazing!
I simply love the fact that, although she hasn’t put out any single of her own out yet, she’s still making it a point to show quality and perfection in her videos and music and that’s something commendable.
Have I told you how absolutely I am in love with her smile! Gorgeous thing.
She opened for the Hip Life Concert at Alliance Français last weekend and I heard she blew the crowd away.  Oh she killed on Sunday at FGH pop up show as well. Although I missed both shows I hope I don’t miss her next
I love her style and her voice has a unique hint to it.
Look out for this little lady. I have a feeling she’ll be going places.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram : @adomaa_music

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/adomaamusic

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2PI2RedF3tKRKBF6qlmyVQ