On the Rise: Y’akoto

Y’akoto is far from an On the rise artist, but she is definitely a musician you should have on your radar and in your playlists.

Born to Ghanaian and German parents, Y’Akoto spent most of her childhood living in various African countries and Europe. This influenced her music style.  Coupled with her father’s musical background, the musician built a unique sonic structure that leans towards jazz, soul and R&B.


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After relocating to Ghana earlier in 2020, the musician released ‘Obaa Yaa’, an EP journaling her experiences with love, life, relationships and romance. Named after a nickname her dad gave her, ‘Obaa Yaa’ is is an aural guide to romance for the modern woman.

The 4-track EP takes a soulful approach to romance, dishing out stories of real life experiences.

For this episode of On the Rise, Y’Akoto gives a track by track breakdown of her EP ‘Obaa Yaa’ and drops tips on maneuvering the dating scene.

Listen to the interview below: