Dix is Hot: Volume 38

Dix is Hot: Volume 38, explores afro r&b, afropop and rap sounds

This selection is the perfect way to conclude our Dix is Hot series for 2020. In a year of uncertainty and strife, it’s been refreshing to hear amazing and diverse music from African artists on the continent and in the diaspora. Dis ix Hot Volume 38, echoes the sounds of afro infused R&B, pop and rap that have warmed its way into our hearts. 

Discover more about our featured artists below:


Ghanaian musician by way of London, Eugy, surprised fans with an EP titled 4Play. Among the 4 tracks was one that tugged at our heartstrings; Love Blind is an R&B single that sings of a topsy turvy love. The purity in Eugy’s lyrics accompanied with the simple string and drum melody make this song a must add to any playlist. 


 There’s something about the texture of Sudanese musician Hoosh’s voice, that makes you feel his lyrics are the most sincere words you have ever heard. On Missed Takes, the Miami based singer fuses his unique vocals with a raw string based production. 

Missed Takes is an honest outpouring of what could have been of a past relationship. In between admitting his faults and wanting the best for a past lover, Hoosh wins you over with his excellent writing and storytelling. 


Nigerian musician Mannywellz released his debut album, Mirage, in October this year. The second generation Nigerian and Grammy nominated artist, merged his experiences as a Black American and a Nigerian to create this stunning 7 track project. 

Peace, our favorite from the project (a very tough choice to make), features talented Nigerian singer and songwriter Tems, who also released her debut this year. 

Peace is a choice sound that swims through your ear canal and straight to your soul. The Afro R&B single combined western and local Nigerian sounds in perfect proportions. 


Ghanaian musician Asi, is a refreshing new addition to the Ghanaian music scene. The R&B and Soul musician’s newly released project is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to lyricism, storytelling and heart tugging vocals. 

Asi’s EP Chapter V, is inspired by Chapter 5 of the Bible’s Songs of Solomon . Diving into feminity, love and romance, our select from the EP, Say Something is nothing short of good music. 

Her bluesy vocals fit like Tetris on the highlife tinged production of the song. Making ‘Say Something’, a great introduction of this girl on fire to the world. 


German-Ghanaian musician Y’akoto explores the simplicity of life with this bubbly single off her EP Obaa Yaa. ‘I Agree’ is a melodic jazz-pop fusion that highlights the simplicity of life if you you chose to go with the flow and enjoy it. 

  • WIZKID – TRUE LOVE ft tay iwar, projexx

Afrobeats artist and Nigerian superstar Wizkid dropped his highly anticipated album Made in Lagos in November this year and this single has wriggled its way into our editors’ hearts. 

Featuring Nigerian Tay Iwar and Jamaican, Projexx, True Love is a smooth love song tinged with reggae melodies. The Juls produced single highlights Wizkid’s skill over melodies whilst creating an avenue for newcomers like Tay Iwar to shine through collaboration. 

  • Juls – MMAYEWA FT Twitch 4eva & quamina mp 

Ghanaian producer and DJ, Juls taps rising Ghanaian musicians Twitch 4eva and Quamina MP for a highlife heavy single Mmayewa. 

Mmayewa is a nod to traditional highlife music popular in Ghana in the 70s and 80s. The strings heavy single will have you moving your body from the beginning to the end. 

Mmayewa is definitely a party starter.


Ghanaian producer Yung D3mz shows off his song writing and performance skills on this trap heavy single, Virgil. 

Featured on his debut joint project with 2 other producers, Uche B and Boye the Genius, Virgil is a nod to the streetwear genius Virgil Abloh. 

Yung D3mz has been carving his name in the music production scene in Ghana making hit songs for Kwesi Arthur, Twitch 4eva and others. This EP was a brave step into the unknown which we dare say he conquered. 


Kenyan musician Mau from nowhere delivers a chill rap number off his EP MFN. 

‘Dogtail’ blends alternative and rap in a cool manner making you pay attention to the lyrics. the simple chords of the production will have you nodding to the music of Mau from Nowhere. 

The skill exhibited in his music is so pure, you wont have a doubt to keep an eye on the budding musician. 


Lagum the Rapper is one of our favourite discoveries of the month. ‘New Demon’ is an alternative rap single off his album ‘Iso’. 

Its interesting to see newer rappers be influenced by alternative musicians we’ve loved since the beginning and thats what drew us to Lagum. With a production and flow similar to 2017 Cruel Santino, blended with his own style, Lagum the Rapper is the prefect example of what’s up next in Africa. 

Listen to our playlist below.
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