On the Rise: SGAWD


SGAWD refuses to be tamed by a label, that’s why she loves to keeps her music interesting. She spits fire bars on rap songs, delivers sultry hooks on R&B tunes and brings the energy on EDM tracks.

The 22-year-old, is built of passion, tenacity and a desire to prove everyone wrong.

SGAWD, also known as Sedi, moved to her home country of Nigeria to pursue her passion for songwriting and music-making, after simultaneously getting a degree in Marine Biology and Law at the University of Miami.

The choice wasn’t hers. She was completely settled in Miami with a stable job. However, her parents required her to fulfil her civic duty of an NYSC project- Nigeria’s mandatory youth service programme. It was here that she ignited a passion for music she had discovered while schooling in the UK.

SGAWD knew she had to tell a real story when she decided to commit to making music.

At a younger age, she had struggled with being overweight and severe acne. This took a toll on her self confidence. That’s why affirmations and positive self-talk had been her mandate. When she raps about being the best, it’s not a falsity. She is speaking facts and speaking it into existence.

Also, her songs are littered with positive self-talk, not just for her, but also for her listeners. Coupled with expressing herself as a sexual being, SGAWD isn’t afraid of speaking her truth.

She desires to dominate on every song, just like her favourite Fem Fatales. Rap and hip hop queens Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifah and Foxy Brown have already shown her hows it’s done. SGAWD isn’t one to be boxed as a “cute female rapper”- a nice to have feminine addition to a song. She is far too gifted, talented and hardworking to be relegated to an accessory. With every single, freestyle or performance, she marks her territory, as an artist to keep an eye on for 2020 and beyond.

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