xenia manasseh


Get ready for a musical journey this May with our handpicked collection featuring tracks from King Promise, Tiwa Savage, Omah Lay, Zerrydl, Kyla Blac, and many more. Dive into the freshest sounds and rising artists from diverse genres, including Afrobeats, R&B, and Amapiano. Each song offers a distinctive vibe and dynamism, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of contemporary African music. Come with us as we explore the lively beats and poignant lyrics that are defining the new wave of African music.

xenia manasseh


Turunesh, Karun & Mau from nowhere - Virgin denim

East African singer Turunesh joined forces with Mau from Nowhere and Karun in Karun’s Nairobi studio two summers ago to create a heartfelt ode to first love. This collaboration resulted in an R&B gem inspired by a pair of Turunesh’s mother’s old jeans, a cherished memento from her youth that Turunesh still wears today. 

The song captures the essence of falling in love for the first time, with its tender lyrics and soulful melodies. In the chorus, Turunesh poignantly sings, “she can’t see a future without us,” encapsulating the timeless feeling of young love and the dream of forever.


MAUIMØON - Maybe it’s You

MAUIMØON is back with his latest R&B anthem, “Maybe it’s You,” setting an emotional tone for the year. This Ugandan-Rwandan artist is known for his hypnotic melodies and heartfelt storytelling. With “Maybe it’s You,” MAUIMØON delves into themes of love and regret, admitting his past mistakes and expressing longing for forgiveness. The song’s raw honesty and powerful chorus highlight the complexities of relationships, showcasing MAUIMØON’s ability to connect deeply with listeners through his music.


Kyla blac - Someday

Kyla Blac, a multifaceted artist from Zimbabwe, delivers an empowering anthem, “Someday”, designed to uplift and inspire. Her powerful lyrics, set against a beautiful instrumental backdrop with an unmistakable drum pattern, encourage listeners to rise no matter how many times they fall.


Keys the Prince & Mayorkun - Left Right

Keys the Prince, the UK-based Nigerian artist, has released a remix of his hit song “Left Right,” featuring Afrobeats superstar Mayorkun. This street anthem boasts an irresistibly catchy chorus that will have listeners hitting repeat over and over.

With its infectious beats and dynamic collaboration, “Left Right” stands out as a vibrant addition to the Afrobeats scene. Keys the Prince and Mayorkun’s synergy shines through, bringing an energetic and engaging sound that’s sure to captivate audiences. This remix not only amplifies the original track’s appeal but also cements Keys the Prince’s place as a rising star in the music industry.


Zerrydl - O.U.A.T.

From the “Wara Wara Szn” EP, celebrated by fans for showcasing Zerrydl’s artistic growth, the Nigerian singer and rapper introduces “O.U.A.T.” With its catchy lines and danceable beat, This song is poised to become a favourite for party-goers and music enthusiasts alike, highlighting Zerrydl’s dynamic presence in the music scene.


Muyeez - Baybey

Off the “Muyeez (delux)” Ep. Muyeez presents “Baybey”. An electrifying Afrobeat anthem that promises to light up the dance floor with its infectious rhythm and romantic undertones. In “Baybey,” Muyeez sings about a love that lights up his life, expressing his devotion with lines like, “my angeli make you do me better” and “follow me make we go and see my mama.” The song’s danceable beat and captivating lyrics are sure to resonate with fans and keep the party going.


Frenna - Paparazzi

Frenna’s latest track “Paparazzi” is a smooth, infectious anthem that emphasises living in the moment and enjoying the finer things in life. With a captivating beat and a carefree vibe, the song invites listeners to immerse themselves fully in the experience, leaving behind distractions. “Paparazzi” celebrates exclusivity, luxury, and the joy of dancing the night away, making it a perfect hit for fans and party goers alike.


JayO ft Crayon and Bella Shmurda - Reset

JayO, the British-based Nigerian artist, has enlists the help of Afrobeats greats, Crayon and Bella Shmurda to bring you “Reset.” The song captures the essence of romance, blending heartfelt sentiments with the vibrant rhythms of Afrobeats. The collaboration between JayO, Crayon, and Bella Shmurda delivers a captivating musical experience that resonates with listeners, making it a standout addition to any playlist.


Xenia Manasseh - Phases

Kenyan-Ugandan songstress Xenia Manasseh, based in Los Angeles, has released “Phases,” an R&B-infused single that explores the complexities of love through her smooth, soulful vocals. The track delves into the emotional highs and lows of relationships, highlighting themes of understanding and reconciliation. “Phases” showcases Manasseh’s lyrical depth and vocal prowess, offering a deeply intimate and moving musical experience.


Kaestyle & Omah Lay - My Dealer

Kaestyle and Omah Lay have teamed up for their new track, “My Dealer,” blending soulful melodies with relatable themes of struggle and ambition. The song captures the desire for better opportunities and the challenges faced in today’s world, wrapped in a catchy and engaging rhythm, showcasing the unique styles of both artists. With its immersive sound and poignant message, this track is set to resonate deeply with listeners, making it a standout addition to any playlist.


King Promise ft Sarkodie & Olive the boy - Favourite story

On a track that samples the timeless highlife classic “Aso” by Kwabena Kwabena, King Promise teams up with Sarkodie and Olive the Boy. With legendary producers Kill Beatz and Guilty Beatz behind the scenes, this collaboration is infused with top-tier talent.This song seamlessly blends nostalgic highlife with modern flair, adding to King Promise’s impressive string of recent hits. The masterful combination of artists and producers ensures this song is a standout, resonating deeply with listeners.


Sarz & Lojay- Billions

The dream team of producer Sarz and afro-fusion artist Lojay have reunited with a new single, “Billions.” This captivating track seamlessly combines Sarz’s distinctive, infectious production with Lojay’s smooth, emotive vocals. Pulsing with dynamic energy, “Billions” features a hypnotic beat that perfectly complements Lojay’s soaring melodies. The lyrics artfully depict themes of ambition and desire, inspiring listeners to chase their dreams of financial success.


Tiwa Savage, Black Sherif & Young Jonn - Kilimanjaro

From the “Water and Gari (Official Motion Picture)” album, Tiwa Savage teams up with rising stars Black Sherif and Young Jonn to create a captivating hit. This powerful anthem of resilience and determination features a vibrant beat and compelling lyrics, capturing their steadfast refusal to be brought down by negativity. The song symbolises strength and ascent, akin to conquering the great mountain Kilimanjaro, and is sure to enthral listeners with its uplifting message.


Yumbs, focalistic & Joeboy Ft Bien & Moliy - Off my mind

Yumbs, the young and dynamic Amapiano record producer and international DJ, has released “Off My Mind,” featuring Focalistic, Joeboy, Bien, and Moliy. This song combines seductive vocals, electrifying Pitori slang, Afrobeat-inspired depth, and delicate harmonies into a vibrant and soulful Amapiano love saga, captivating audiences with its rich, emotive experience.