5 Songs From East Africa You Should Listen To

Songs from East Africa are some of the most diverse and eclectic you will hear from the continent. Over time, musicians from East Africa have crossed borders, engaged in thrilling features, and elevated the quality of their sound and production. Trailblazers like Camp Mulla, Sauti Sol, and Diamond Platnumz have paved the way, simplifying the ascent of younger talents from the East.
Our editors have picked out 5 exciting new talents from East Africa you should have your ears tuned to:

Bridget Blue

Bridget Blue’s website introduces her as a multi-talented artist and visionary hailing from Kenya. Her prowess extends beyond the realm of music, as she showcases her remarkable skills as a professional makeup artist, offering a distinct and imaginative approach to her craft. You can witness her creative flair on her Instagram account, via @bridgetblue.

Her most recent musical release, “Kesho,” delves into the theme of grappling with overwhelming emotions on certain days. However, Bridget Blue’s lyrics serve as an uplifting reminder to continue despite these challenges.

To immerse yourself in the evocative sounds of “Kesho,” you can listen to the track via the provided link:


Hailing from Kenya, Kinoti is a singer-songwriter who classifies his musical style as either Afro-indie or Afro-pop. His music is deeply emotive, and he endeavours to convey relatable narratives through every facet of his musical creations. His Twitter bio succinctly describes him as a Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Entertainment Lawyer.

Kinoti’s latest musical offering, the “Little Messages” EP, comprises six compelling tracks. The EP commences with the hit single “Till Forever Ends”, in which the singer passionately serenades his beloved.

Experience the enchanting melodies of “Till Forever Ends” by giving it a listen through the link provided below:


Harmattan Rain

Mikael, the talented Ethipioan 21-year-old independent artist, is on the cusp of stardom as he steadily broadens his ever-expanding fan base.

In April 2021, Mikael dropped his single “Ace,” which is currently capturing global attention, along with his debut project, “Life Of Mikael.”

With the release of his latest single, “Pheromones,” in September 2023, Mikael once again demonstrates his unwavering commitment to delivering music of unwavering quality and top-notch production.

Listen to Pheromones here:

Xenia Manasseh

Xenia manasseh for Harmattan Rain
Xenia, a Nairobi native, brings a fresh, captivating sound to the music scene with her clear, pure vocals. At 26, the Berklee College of Music graduate is influenced by Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and India Arie. Xenia’s music lies on the sweet cusp of Neo-Soul, R&B, and Jazz.

Her debut album, “Love/Hate Pt. 1,” dropped in September 2023, exploring love’s complexities, as described by Kenyan vibe dot com.

Don’t miss her standout track “Anticipate,” a masterpiece featuring Kenyan contemporary artist Karun.

Listen to “Anticipate” here:

Kabeaushi may strike you as unusual. His style, his music, his album art and even his Spotify bio are different.
In August 2023, Kabeaush released, “THESE DISHES AINT GONNA DO THEMSLEVES” a unique exploration of the borders of music and how far it go when pushed.
Discover more music from East Africa on our playlist here: