La Meme Gang shows the beauty of brotherhood with new single “Stone Island”

The anthem “bros before hoes” is a constant reminder of the bond of brotherhood. A very eminent feeling often displayed by La Meme Gang. The collective, made of Darkovibes, RJZ, Kiddblack, Kwaku BS, $pacely, and Nxrwth , have always been open about their relationship with each other. Stone Island is the icing on the cake that cements their message, “La Meme is bros for life”.

On the emotion evoking Nxwrth Beat, Darkovibes, Kiddblack and RJZ rap about the part their bros have played in their lives. From “Darko watching over his top” and “Nori never allowing him to flop” as RJZ raps, the crew describe a friendship that runs deep. Kiddblack’s verse feels like a virgin; honest and pure, as he raps about the regrets and triumphs he has had with other friends not in La Meme Gang. This serves as a re-echo of the crews 2017 tweet “Everyone is La Meme”.

Playing over a collage of videos of their moments together, Stone Island depicts La Meme Gang beyond a band of friends who rap together. They are brothers, and they intend to stay so for a long time.

They also used this video to announce the date for their annual concert, Crusade, happening on the 20th of December at Crystal Park in Accra.

Watch the video for Stone Island below: