A Bojack inspired EP from Trix

Bojack Horseman, the Netflix original adult animation, like many other adult animated series, is a sharp and often ugly reflection of ourselves and our lives.  

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Following the story of the former child star who wants to go back to Hollywood, Bojack illustrates the harsh realities of life in series of a quirky, yet stark revelations,

For Ghanaian rapper Trix, the animation has influenced a 4 track EP about his life. Dealing with depression, drug and alcohol abuse and self acceptance, the rapper channeled all that energy into a four track EP called Bojack. With snippets from Season 1 Episode 11, Season 3 Episode 10 and Season 3 Episode 11 of the series, the EP Bojack makes for an interesting retrospective. 
“…because you can’t get more BoJack than Sarah Lynn,” the musician explains. 

bojack Horseman season 1 episode 11

In anticipation of his new project “African Love Problems”, Trix’s Bojack seems to be a final journal entry before he moves on to the next stage. 

Listen to Bojack below:

Trix – Bojack