Cina Soul introduces her alter ego Kla Manye in ‘Ojorley’

Cina Soul as  Kla Manye takes us into the depth of Ga culture.

Born in the heart of Ga Mashi, Accra’s traditional area, Cina Soul is living her truth.

In her new single, Ojorley, the first off her sophomore project Ga Mashi, she sings the story of a cheating husband and a wife who finds her joy after mourning. Ojorley is performed in traditional Ga style, made popular by the 70s band Wulomei. The style is distinct in instrumentation and storytelling.

“Leave your lover, your wife has come” she sings in the chorus.


Beyond the lyrics, Ojorley sells the message for loving self and culture. it is on this single that Cina Soul introduces her alter ego; Kla Manye.

The Kla Manye “Spirit of the Manye” surrounded by her clan of Wolomei (The little boys she is pictured with represent the mediators between the people and the gods in Ga culture), tell the story of her people, the Gas, and their culture.

Ojorley video is saturated in traditional Ga culture; from the traditional Ga meal Kpokpoi used to feed th gods during the Homowo festival, to the burning of a traditional doll. Directed by Gene Adu, the video is a mesmerizing depiction of Ga culture.

The literal story of Ojorley is of a cheating husband, but another look at the song shows its about a people ‘cheating’ on their culture. The husband, ‘Paa Tee’ represents the African people, who go in for foreign culture.  While ‘Amerley’ the wife, played by budding actress Afi Tsegah, represents the happiness found in being true to self and culture.


Ashifotoi anibii n33 was bo eei
( This promiscuous attitude won’t help you)
Ani ole moni olakaa
( Don’t you know who you’re deceiving)
Bian3 ogbla f33 efee basaaa
( Right now you’ve ruined your married )

She sings, revealing that everyone can see through the deceit of a borrowed culture.

Clad in fancy African print garm, beautiful beads and brass jewelry, Cina Soul as Kla Manye is mesmerizing.

Performed entirely in Ga, Ojorley is the rise of the Kla Manye: Cina Soul.

Watch below: