The Biggest Tree – Paybac


Paybac’s The Biggest Tree is nothing short of an incredible compilation. The young Nigerian rapper has been on our radar since he dropped the historically dense Maame Wata. His debut album, The Biggest Tree did not disappoint.

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They say art is influenced by realities, and this seems to be the case in Paybac’s The Biggest Tree. Drawing influence from the struggles and lifestyle of his country, Nigeria and playing on the theme of depression from his own episodes, Paybac displays his lyrical prowess when it comes to storytelling and powerful imagery.

On asking why he named an indent project by its name, Payback had the following to say, “The biggest tree stands as an allegory,  a sort of metaphor for a couple of things. The title itself was inspired by a tree I saw while living with my grandma in 2014, and the idea that that tree could be seen for miles, from anywhere in the world. And the thought that, that is exactly how I see my vision playing out. In theory, it has expanded to ordinary people doing extraordinary things, a monument to finding ones self, and the painstakingly patient route it takes to create something great and everlasting.”

He added, “It can also represent me establishing my career,  hence the suit to prove to my family and friends that this is a real job. ‘The Biggest Tree’ is also a Trojan horse to get West Africans to talk about depression. So, the fabulousness of the idea and the imagery can stick to your mental while subconsciously making you more comfortable with people who go through depression.”

“As an after thought it can also represent a lot of lofty goals. Seeds of which have/are being planted. The symbolism of a seed, collapsing(basically dying) to birth new life cannot be over looked. With this album my aim was to make each song the best song ever. To make each song the best song it could possibly be,” concluded Paybac.

Listen to the EP below: