Inside Jean Feier’s visual literature ‘You Are’

It may look simple but, Ghanaian musician Jean Feier’s ‘You Are’ music video is filled with symbolism like a piece of poetry.

‘You Are’ was released in 2019, but the song is still stealing hearts.

However, Jean Feier put out the video for the soulfully melodic single in 2020. The video, directed by Adotey Lomotey, gives the song space to live through her eyes. Much like a Hemmingway classic, You Are is simple visual with a multitude of symbolism.

“Turning experiences into sonic bliss and creating refreshing visual experiences has been one of my biggest dreams. The symbolism we relied on to tell a story needed to be simple and pure,” comments Jean Feier.

Shot in greenery and among art, You Are symbolises the purity of love; Natural, simple, and beautiful. The scene where she stares at her reflection as she sings makes a nuance at self-love.

Watch the video below: