The Soul and Metanoia

It has never been about a particular sound, it has always been about her sound. And after the Metanoia listening session I was even more convinced of the Cina Soul sound.
Maybe I shouldn’t even be saying soul…. Cos it transcends soul music. Metanoia takes us through soul music, RnB, trap and EDM! EDM Oh!

Cina’s Metanoia EP is a project of pleasant surprises. The 7 track EP kicks off with a popular favorite Julor, produced by Odunsi the Engine and featuring M.anifest.

After making listeners settled it follows up with My Love, a song that preaches the heart aches of a broken heart.

In Mama No Like Me, Efya’s influence on Cina is greatly heard as she croons about how her lovers mother does not like her.

Baddo is a personal favorite and features Kidi. The two singers on a trap beat produced by Kayso is everything to look forward to.

Lelonye follows Baddo closely as a favourite and features Worlasi. The songstress with her smooth voice blended with Worlasi’s story telling rap gives you the ultimate vibe.

Next to You is an afro-EDM song complete with African drums! And it’s magnificent!

Awo comes last on the track list as a bonus track and had everyone in the 3FS studio singing along as it played. Definitely a favorite.

Cina shifts pleasantly between GA, pidgin and English on songs on her debut EP.

“This EP means a lot to me because it shows how much I have grown” says Cina as she explains the title of her EP. “Metanoia means “a profound usually spiritual, transformation; conversion. My music has changed a lot and so have I, this EP embodies that “