Analyze Love: Azekel’s Introspective R&B Album

Azekel’s latest album, Analyze Love is a soulful and introspective project that delves deep into the complexities of human relationships. Released in February 2023, the album has carved a new space for the artist in the world of contemporary R&B music.

The 15-track album is star-studded with the likes of American vocalist Nao, Rap stars Kojey Radical and Kwesi Arthur from the UK and Ghana respectively and afrobeat royalty, Made Kuti. The album also features Ivy Soul and Anaiis.  Azekel’s smooth vocals effortlessly glide over the lush instrumentation, creating a mood that is both melancholic and romantic. As the album progresses, the themes of love and relationships are explored in different ways, from the haunting “Desire” to the upbeat “Dupe”.

“Analyze Love” album by Azekel features an array of standout tracks, including the seductive “Chocolati” featuring the talented singer-songwriter, Nao. This track takes on a different dimension with an afrobeats bounce that adds to its already sultry vibe. With the inclusion of saxophones, the sensuality of the song is further heightened, and Azekel’s whispered vocals add to the intimate atmosphere. ‘Chocolati’ creates an irresistible groove, and it does so with a unique blend of genres that come together perfectly to create a sexy and unforgettable track.

Another highlight of the album is “PalmWine Dreamz,” a chill and infectious track that celebrates the joy of falling in love. Featuring the soulful vocals of Azekel and the enchanting voice of Anaiis, this chill and infectious track are sure to put a smile on your face. But the real standout moment comes when Kojey Radical drops in with a killer rap verse, adding a touch of edginess to this romantic tune. Azekel’s effortless vocals tie it all together, infusing the track with a sense of soulful nostalgia.

A remake of Ghanaian highlife legend Ebo Taylor’s Love & Death is another track to look forward to. Maintaining its original instrumentation, Azekel’s delivery of the timeless lyrics gives it a youthful feel making you fall in love with the record all over again.

Throughout the album, Azekel’s lyrics are both introspective and relatable, making “Analyze Love” an album that listeners can connect with on a personal level. His ability to convey complex emotions through his music is a testament to his skill as a songwriter and his understanding of the human experience.

Overall, Analyze Love is a remarkable project that showcases Azekel’s talents as a songwriter and vocalist. With its introspective lyrics, lush instrumentation, and smooth vocals, the album is a must-listen for fans of contemporary R&B music.

“Analyze Love” is a must-listen album for anyone who has ever been in love. Azekel’s ability to capture the raw emotions of love and heartbreak is unmatched, and his music will leave you feeling both introspective and inspired.