an organic ep beat tape with a new sound For Organic EP, Producer k.wame creates a sound perfect for a 90s future funk game show. “The songs from the EP represent the thug passion I apply to my music. Sensitive and soft, yet bold and boisterous. They’re kinda bi-polar,”said the Produce

DISCOVER NEW MUSIC FROM FRANCOPHONE AFRICA Francophone Music is near magical! With a blend of traditional and European influence, Francophone Africa is creating a sound that drives deep. Earworms and aural candy selected by Efia Serwah make this playlist the one-stop for discovering new sounds and m

THE OBVIOUS WESTERN INFLUENCE DOESN’T DULL THE AFRICA IN  THIS MONTH’S DIX IS HOT VOLUME   This month we opened ourselves up to the francophone underground music scene with our new playlist, an we lost it! The sounds being created fused with french slang is insanely beautiful. Thre


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