Organic EP – k.wame

an organic ep beat tape with a new sound

For Organic EP, Producer k.wame creates a sound perfect for a 90s future funk game show.

“The songs from the EP represent the thug passion I apply to my music. Sensitive and soft, yet bold and boisterous. They’re kinda bi-polar,”said the Producer,  “Which is where I’m at right now, mentally.”

The first song was inspired by Vistas, a competitor on Eurovision, a singing competition. Vista made the craziest sounds with his voice and k.wame wanted to harness that crazy as a reflection of his own and use it to make something even more crazy.

The producer is inspired by come up Drake productions such as Miss Me and also wanted to bring his own unique sound to Harmattan Rain, something that isn’t heard as much but should.  

“House Zwarte was inspired by Sharon Darko and her Dutch background,” he added,  “She told me she likes house music and the beat just kinda ended up like that.”

Listen to Organic EP by k.wame below: