Organic EP – Anae


In a soul rivetting 4 track EP, Anae bares out her truth for Organic EP


My name is Anae, born and raised in London but I have a Ghanaian passport now, so ɛte sɛn? Music is me. I produce, rap, song write and own my own record label.

I use Logic Pro X to produce all of my beats and my M- Audio Keystation 61es, which has served me well for the last 4 years. I’m a very meticulous person and that naturally filters through into my production, in two ways. First of all, when I’m producing, I love to take advantage of panning!  I think this creates a deeper audio story for the listener and takes them beyond just the drums and lead instrument. They get to catch a new sound every now again in their left ear, right ear or somewhere in between. It’s exciting. Secondly, I’m really obsessed with how things sound when it comes to music. Side note, my pet peeve is getting my snare to sit right in a mix – can any other producers out there relate or is it just me? Anyway, to qualify my obsession, I’ve got the best pair of monitors in the game (or should I say the best that I can afford at the moment) the Yamaha HS7’s.

I’m a rapper/songwriter first and foremost, so sometimes I get song ideas and then I create a beat based on the idea. Aside from that, so many genres of music influence my production sound. From Neo Soul to R&B , Hip Hop to House, Afrobeats & Grime. Most of the time, I want to give you drums that are going to get your head bopping, bass that you can feel in your chest and shoulders and chords that can make your knees weak…yes please! I’d describe my production style as warm and soulful and this is how I approach my beats, no matter the genre. Above all, I draw inspiration from God. I believe He’s the ultimate source of creativity and He’s limitless. This really helps me during the times when I’m not feeling “inspired.”

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