Put You On: Asma

Discover the Enchanting World of Asma: A Moroccan Melody Weaver

Meet Asma, the Moroccan sensation making waves by seamlessly weaving the soothing vibes of R&B to meet the pulsating beats of Afrobeats.

As a child, the music of “The Voice of Egypt” Oum Kalthoum was her favourite but as she grew her uncles’ passion for West Coast Hip Hop and her love for the likes of  Beyoncé and D’Angelo influenced her sound and sonic expression today. She brings a soulful authenticity to her work, paying homage to her rich musical upbringing.

Asma’s music transcends genres, constructing intricate narratives and melodic landscapes.

Rooted in Diversity, Bound by Groove

Asma’s music is like a dance between cultures, with a magnetic pull that makes you want to groove. Drawing inspiration from the Afrobeat universe, she effortlessly weaves together Moroccan and West African influences, while performing in French. This allows her to connect to different people and tell stories informed by her past but inspired by her future. It’s a musical journey that transcends borders, proving that great music knows no bounds.

Asma’s 2023, “Body Call,” is an awakening of her roots. In her own words, “Africa and its Afrobeat universe, influenced by Nigeria and Ghana, are not very far from Morocco after all.” It’s a powerful statement that echoes through the track, awakening a sense of connection and celebration of diverse musical traditions.

If you like Amaarae and Amaria BB, you’ll enjoy listening to Asma.

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As you explore Asma’s discography, it becomes evident that this isn’t just music—it’s an invitation to witness the convergence of cultures, an exploration of soulful narratives, and a celebration of the universal language that is music. In a world of sonic sameness, Asma emerges as a sophisticated guide, leading us through a musical landscape that transcends borders.