Surf's Up these Waves – Ultramarine Dream EP

Music is switching up all over the world and I’m loving that Ghana is definitely on the vibe.

Ansah Live’s Ultramarine Dream EP forms part of that new wave of pretty good music and I love it. Think Chance the Rapper with those totally perform-able tracks with a live band, and Childish Gambino with the flow. I absolutely love the mix with Jazz sounds and the raw nature of the tracks.

5am in the Morning with BiQo from 2015’s Project Fame is my favorite so far. The tune beautifully waves through rap and jazz and perfection…. Or near perfection.

Perhaps that’s the vibe they Ansah was going for, but the EP is not very Live… It sounds quite unmastered or not properly mixed. That falls on producer Liquid Beatz. But if that raw sound was what the team was going for, they definitely nailed it. It just makes it hard to listen to what would otherwise be a giant step to a masterpiece.

However, Liquid is a young producer doing really great work and I can definitely see him up on the rise.

Vibe with my favourite track from the EP and drop your thoughts in the comments section.