Qaayel immortalizes love on KYLE EP

Qaayel documents his war with love on KYLE EP

For 23-year-old Qaayel, the phrase “Love is War” is far from hyperbole. In the Marrakesh-based musician’s new EP Kyle, he explores the themes of love and heartbreak.

The EP details the emotions of a failed relationship: denial, pain, acceptance and finally ends with optimism on the bubbly pop tune “Something New”.  From disturbia induced songs like ‘Rehab’ to pop and dance merger ‘July 3rd’, Kyle EP is a colourful sonic palette.

The EP features singers Cnebce and Nada Azhari with production from Qaayel, Coldmind and Idrissi.

“My music, is to me, a form of artistic expression in which I share a glimpse of myself, my story and my musical influences,” says Qaayel, “This EP is mostly rooted in urban vibes, and inspired by cinematic and movie scores and video games, all reunited in a pop twist.”

In previous songs, like Fantasy, Qaayel has experimented with his sound. This EP is no different.  Qaayel allows his passion to gradually evolve as his personal experiences unravel, and documents its all on the EP.

Listen to KYLE below: