Boyd makes sexy R&B with ‘Boys With Broken Hearts’

Boyd’s Boys with Broken Hearts is making Ga sexy

2020 has seen a resurgence of slow tempo grooves with R&B leading the movement. As global musicians create more R&B fusions, Ghanaian musician Boyd steps boldly into the R&B limelight with ‘Boys with Broken Hearts’.

The 5 track EP is the fusion afro-soul and alternative singer-songwriter’s second EP. The EP takes male vulnerability to the next level highlighting the Millenial male’s love language and romantic relationships through music.

“It’s about evolution and growth,” says Boyd, “The EP is personal, with stories of various situations I’ve found myself in, as well as stories of friends.”

The EP is sonically influenced by R&B musicians Like Usher and Bobby Valentino, who Boyd grew up listening to. These influences reflect in the tracks. With songs like “Private Show’ highly reminiscent of “Confessions” Usher and more modern uptempo trap soul tracks like ‘Games’.

However, he adds a unique twist; performing in local Ghanaian dialect Ga and English.

“I sing in Ga because it’s easier for me to express myself,” he says, “I also think language shouldn’t be a barrier in music. I’ve listened to Russian songs without understanding a thing but I’ve felt it. I’ve put my feelings in here, in a language that I easily express myself with, and I hope others can feel it too.”
He adds, “I just really wanted to make a Ga Falsetto song. Something that shined a different light on the Ga language, and makes it more sensual.”

Ga, spoken by the Ga people of Coastal Accra, is usually perceived to be loud and abrasive. However, Boyd does it justice and delivers a sexy and sensual side to language that many were not aware of.

Here are Boyd’s top recipes for getting over a broken heart:
– Listen to music 
Personally, music has helped me through some dark times. So listen to music. It doesn’t have to be sad songs or positive…Just go with your emotions

– Do whatever helps your mental 
Sometimes it helps to keep in touch after a break-up and just easily let go. But sometimes you have to cut off quick.

– Don’t lie to yourself
Sometimes people try to lie to themselves that they’re not affected by breakups or they pretend it hasn’t. Just accept it.

Listen to Boys With Broken Hearts below: