M.anifest gets into his feels with Kwesi Arthur

As the rapper hits a new age, he reminsisces on his journey to where he is now, and how far he has to go.


Perhaps it comes with the new age. “Barely old, hardly young” the rapper captions on an instagram post on his birthday. The same day he released Feels, a single with Kwesi Arthur. Ghanaian rapper M.anifest has always been one to be blunt about his journey, but unlocking a next level of emotions through his verses has not really been a part of his M.O.

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On the Mikemillzonem produced track, he bares it all. Speaking about his journey in music. Learning the ropes by trying, falling and rising. And still, grateful for it all and expectant of the years to come. “Feels” is like a diary entry. Or the kind of stuff you write down at the end of the year, to remind yourself how much of a boss you are.

The video, directed by Director OJ, translates the story of Feels with motivational visual of a young child learning to skate. Over the soprano chorus sang by burgeoning Ghanaian  rapper and BET 2018 nominee, Kwesi Arthur, ‘Feels’ will have you reassessing your life, but in a good way.

Watch ‘Feels’ below: