Back to '89 with Joey B

As we anticipate the release of his new project, Joey B, just tosses us into our feels with a wave of Nostalgia in his new visuals and song, 89.

The lanky rapper on a too small bike strapped with ankle length denims, white Adidas high tops and a fanny pack across his chest, reminisces the days of good old music in 1989 to 1995. Joey teases the late 90’s kids that they were rather too late in hearing andn experiencing greatness.

89 to 95 all wavy

98 you’re rather late , all babies

Joey B raps, adjusting his sun glasses which was very much in vogue in the late 90s.

The costuming for the Video shot by Wanlov is on point, and the treatment and filter definitely gives it that old school vibe.

Pusher lend me your handkerchief my sweat dey drip

Aluta lend me your afro comb my hair dey itch

He raps, making reference to the local TV show Things we Do for Love on which many 80’s and 90s kids in Ghana grow up on.


But “Joy daddy, all vibely, Joey Beezy” doesn’t shut it there, he praises the kings of music at the time for their timeless music in excellent puns

\\ Buk Bak can I please have some Tic Tac

Joey wa ha Joey wa ha te s3 philomina \\



Bonchaka, Rap Dakta, all in me

Pae mu ka, makaa maka, be my green card spread love chale,

be used to that

Joey B references some of the best hiplife artists Terry Bonchaka and Okyeame Kwame(Rap Doctor) and hiplife tapes ever made, Obrafour’s Pae mu Ka, Reggie Rockstone’s Makaa Maka and Wanlov’s first project Green Card, in pun filled lines. The rapper taking a

But all that nostalgia isn’t just for show. 89 not only praises the jams of the past, but only makes Joey realize how much he appreciated that era because of the ‘not so good’ music he hears now

Nowadays nothing inspires me

It sounds ridiculous

 what be this seff? I bore chale, skip. Damnit!

Chuck the deuces to the lame trend


Top 5 who I go put for there seff

Despite make I look through your cassettes

If you’re from Ghana, you know Osei Kwame Despite, one of the wealthiest men in Ghana, made his fortune from selling Cassettes through the Despite Music stores but in the 80’s. Our Wavey fella, Joey B, then asserts that all the greats are still in the past.


The video ends with a short poem from Mutombo the Poet as he puts us further back through the times, reminding us that no matter how much we argue, the guy from the Pioneer Nails commercial remains the best.

As Mutombo signs off saying,

Don’t play with me if you’ve never played side A and B …

We are reminded of cassette tapes and walkmans and good old music recordings and mixes.

Perhaps it’s a reassurance from the music gods, but the only words left ringing in my ears after the song had ended was :

 The sound is back