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Nu Nairobi represents the underground music scene of Nairobi. On a recent trip to Nairobi, filmmaker Mia Zur-Szpiro fell in love with the city’s budding underground scene. Her documentary of this scene disproves many perceptions of African music is, but for me, it only highlighted the great similarities between the neo-African sounds from different parts of the continent. The struggles and the dreams are similar, if not identical. This lights up the dream of Harmattan Rain to bridge and connect Neo-Africa through music.

“I think we throw African music into a lazy and ignorant genre called “world music”. Most people don’t take the time to truly appreciate the diversity, complexity and huge variation of music that actually comes out from Africa.” said Mia in an interview with FactMag, “In Nairobi I met people making every kind of music, from heavy metal to techno, straight percussion music but then beats, trap, neo-soul and singer songwriter music. There’s honestly every sound here.”

Watch the documentary below and follow Mia on Facebook for more amazing documentaries.


Discover some musicians from Nairobi featured in the documentary on our ‘From the East’ Playlist below:

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