JULS HAS SHAPED THE AFROBEATS SOUND SINCE 2013, BUT HIS JOURNEY IS ONLY BEGINNING Influenced by his dad’s jazz CDs, Kanye West, J Dilla and others, Juls has created a distinct sound that has set him a name amongst the greats in afrobeats music. From a struggling producer trying to get musician

RAP IN PAPER’S VIDEO SERIES IS merging music DISCOVERY, art and print The interaction of the various art forms in music is one that is often overlooked. Video, fashion and photography are often highlighted. But when it comes to print, its often not mentioned at all. Print art is often consider

Music evolves, but its groove stays the same. Vintage Groove playlist is a curation of songs that take a cue from the soul and groove of the tunes that paved the way. Whether it’s from bands or vocalists, the artists in this playlist are inspired by highlife bands, Fuji tunes, soul musicians l