Guiltybeatz’s ‘Different’ cover art tells the story

THE DETAILS IN Guiltybeatz ‘different’ artwork IS AMAZING

Ghanaian producer and DJ, Guiltybeatz released his first EP of 2020 in April.  The 6 track playlist features an all African ensemble including Joeboy, Nonso Amadi, J Derobi, Cina Soul, Mr Eazi, Moonchild Sanelly, DJ Poizon Ivy the DJ, Falz and Joey B.

In the last four years, the producer has grown exponentially. From a chart-topping dance single, ‘Akwaaba’ to producing for Beyoncé, Guiltybeatz has proved himself the creme of the crop.

His transition to DJing saw him play at summers favourite city, Ibiza and America’s favourite festival Coachella. His lessons in DJing carried over effortless on ‘Different’ as each song transitions seamlessly into the other.

While ‘Different’ is a sonic journal of Guiltybeatz’s travels and experiences. The cover art for the EP tells the story of how he got there.

Shot by Ghanaian filmmaker and photographer Albert Donkor in the Jamestown suburb of Guiltybeatz home city, Accra, the cover art was more destined than intentional.

“I just took this as a test shot while we walked to our location,” Explains Albert, “It wasn’t planned at all”.

The photo pictures Guiltybeatz in a printed jean jacket that reads “The future is different”; as if manifesting his life. A Tata bus, locally called trotro, is however the main subject in this photo.

On the Trotro windscreen reads “Mpaebo nti” which translates from  Asante Twi as “Because of Payer”. The scribbles on the drivers windscreen is Ga; “Anye mi” which means Friend.
These two writings may arguably be depicting Guiltybeatz’s gratefulness for prayer and his relationship with music.

On the bottom of the windscreen we see a couple of miniature flag stickers decorating the bus. These project Guiltybeatz current international status. Not only is this EP pan-African at large, it is also global. Recorded in different cities in the world including London, the making of “Different” has already gathered its own flags. Guiltybeatz himself can be considered a global producer. He produced for Beyoncé! End of argument.

A final detail on this bus is the number plate, which is the exact running time of the EP; 16 minutes 04 seconds.

Guiltybeatz’s ‘Different’ is a culminitaion of the beatmakers expansive influence, but it is also only a journal entry at the beginning of his journey.

Appreciate ‘Different’ below: