6 platforms every musician should use

The internet is amok with different platforms for musicians to utilise for their benefit. From music creation through to distribution and marketing, there are a ton of services to help you on your journey. Here are 5 of our must-haves for every musician:

TuneCore is a digital music distribution aggregator. Their DIY product allows artists to sign up and distribute their music to over 150 different streaming services and DSPs such as Apple Music, Spotify, Boomplay and many others. TuneCore is very easy to use and super affordable, making it an excellent choice for emerging artists. The platform also offers music publishing administration services, helping songwriters register their compositions and collect royalties internationally. With their recent launch in West Africa, the TuneCore platform provides easy accessibility to musicians all over the region. Sign up to TuneCore here.

Streaming service Spotify, which recently launched in over 78 countries in West Africa boasts of a backend platform that makes a musicians life super easy. Spotify for Artists allows artists, their managers and other team members, access their data and other information. The data analysis tool pools information from the musicians Spotify account so they can see where their streams are coming from, age groups, and even best-performing songs. This is a great tool you can use to create your marketing campaigns. The tool also allows for musicians to directly pitch for consideration for Spotify’s coveted editorial playlists. Spotify for Artists also allows you to create marketing assets called Spotify Promo cards so you can share your music with fans using visually appealing content. Go here to gain access to your Spotify for Artists.

Music streaming service Apple Music’s Apple Music for Artists gives musicians access to the most intricate data on their listeners. These include fan location from country to city, highest streams tracks, listener trends and note your music milestones. You can also use your Apple Music for Artists to update your artist profile on Apple Music. This is such a great tool to help musicians analyse their data and carefully curate their profile on Apple Music. Go to Apple Music for Artists here.

Reaching bloggers and influencers can be time-consuming for indie artists since it requires a hefty budget, time or relationships. Luckily, there is SubmitHub, a platform that allows artists to contact bloggers and easily submit their music to get featured on highly ranked websites. SubmitHub enables you to find your niche and contact influencers with ease. One of our favourite curators on the platform is Nigerian curator, Photographer and Podcaster, JessJessFinesse. Send your music to curators on Submit Hub here:

Social media is one of the best ways to market your music, but it can be daunting when you don’t know where to start, The Facebook Creator Studio is a one-stop platform that collates your data from Facebook to Instagram and allows you to manage all your posts, ads and even stories. There is a publishing tool that you can use to schedule and automatically post your photos and videos. It also offers key analytics tools that you can use to trace your optimal audience on Facebook and Instagram. Discover more here.

As a musician, you may have so much content on so many different platforms, It can be quite annoying when you have to post so many different links to satisfy your fans on different DSPs. That’s why Linktree is such a great platform to use. Linktree allows you to create a personalised and easily customisable web page that has all your important links. Think of it as a mini-website, just for you. You can also view how many people have clicked on your links using link click statistics. This is (yes, we’re going to say it again) great for data analytics and to know what your fans preferred social page or DSP is. You can include as many links as possible as you want. Go here to discover Linktree.