With all these categories of music flying around its easy to be confused. “What is it that makes a mixtape different from an LP ?” And “what at all is an EP?” Would most likely be lying in the FAQ box in World Music Ministry, if there was one. Along with “who made Iggy Azalea a rapper?”. So, let’s address one of the many problems plaguing our generation… then after we can move on the global warming and banning Uggs.

Single / Track : A single is a song released separately from an album, although sometimes it appears on an album. Singles are released specifically for promotional purposes. Usually because they are perceived to be the most popular off the album. A single could be one song, or according to Music streaming site iTunes, three songs under 20 minutes could be a single. Adele’s “Hello” is a good example of a single, as well as EL’s All Black with Pappy Kojo and Joey B for his B.A.R. Mixtape. adele


• Which brings us to the next most confusing term in Music now… Mixtape: After Drake’s release of If You’re Reading This blah blah blah (IYRTITL) a lot of people can’t be sure if it was a mixtape or an album. Mixtapes were originally DJ mixed compilations of songs that complement radio and club play. Then, it became an all star line up of Emcees spitting bars over a number of familiar beats. Then, it became a single crew spitting bars over familiar beats. Then, it became a single artiste spitting bars on unfamiliar beats. Mixtapes are released solely for promotional purposes and are usually free. The purpose of mixtapes are to attract new fans and keep the old ones talking. Although Mixtape releases usually do not follow label recommendations, Drake’s IYRTITL was released commercially through his record label, but the 6 god refers to the project as a mixtape. What do we know… we are but pencils …


EP, also Extended Playlist, was originally born in the period of vinyl. An EP was a 7 inch vinyl record that could hold more music than singles. Now, an EP, according to the Recording Industry Association of America is a record with three to five songs or music under 30 minutes. Technically, an EP is longer than a single but shorter than an LP. FKA Twigs M3LL155X is an example of an EP released this year.

FKA Twiggs.jpeg

An LP, though you don’t hear that anymore, is a Long Playlist. An LP has more than four tracks and is longer than 25 minutes. This is according to the UK Album Charts. An LP is what we currently refer to as Albums. Everyone knows what an album is, so I won’t bother…except Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean doesn’t know what an album is, as he still hasn’t released it.

ocean album art.jpg
So now that we’ve cleared this up, and saved the world from utter confusion, we can move on to saving ourselves from Uggs, Crocs and other mentally disturbing atrocities that are eating away our beloved earth. No seriously… they NEED to go.
Drop your comments and contributions below… (about the music bit, not the ugly shoes bit).


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