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RAP IN PAPER’S VIDEO SERIES IS merging music DISCOVERY, art and print

The interaction of the various art forms in music is one that is often overlooked. Video, fashion and photography are often highlighted. But when it comes to print, its often not mentioned at all. Print art is often considered archaic or not modern. I mean, when was the last time anyone in our generation bought a newspaper right? However, although it isn’t placed in high demand, print is respected. That’s why hardcover books trump ebooks in value. Once upon a time, the artists whose poster when up on our wall was deeply considered. Or which CD inlet had the most style. Print holds deep sentimental and emotional value.

One UK based platform took that desire and created something excited. Rap in Paper, (a pun for Wrapping paper, as well as Rapping in Paper) blends these two art forms into one exciting unit. Exciting wrapping paper designs by creative agency, Paq ties in all the elements of Rap in Paper. By merging hip hop and music discovery with the lost artform of wrapping paper and print artwork, they deliver short-form visual content featuring hip hop and rap musicians from across the globe.

In December 2019, the team travelled to Accra, Ghana and connected with some of the cities best rappers.
Featuring sessions by Joey B, Amaarae, Akan and Worlasi, Rap in Paper – Ghana had some of the most stylish and culturally inspired wrapping paper.
From African print inspired pieces to detailed sets, enjoy Rap in Paper – Ghana:



Joey B





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