An Ode to the Creators of Sound


Dear Producer,

I love your song.

That’s right. Yours. Not the artist with barely intelligible words, speaking about money he’s never had and women he’s never fucked. Your song. You know the beat’s what sold me on those questionable lyrics right? As soon as I hear the intro to their “hit song” [the intro that you made], I go mad and start belting off those “skree”s and “yah yah”s like Shakespeare wrote them.

Your song is fire!

I can hear your heart’s metronome through those kick drums, the dryness of your pocket in that snare, the kissing of your teeth in frustration through that hi-hat, and oh that melody! Sweet sweet emotion!

I know you’re frustrated. I know you’re sad. You give of yourself – of your soul –absolutely and completely to create such masterpieces, only to be side-lined as a listener’s afterthought; forever in the shadow of the artiste – many of whom are undeserving. But you are more than an artiste. You’re an artist. You createart. Beautiful art pieces that transcend borders, race and time. Mozart. Beethoven. Why else would Hugh Masakela’s compositions move the world so? Fela’s sax and guitar inspire such emotion. Azonto became property worth fighting for, all because of you.

To all corners of the world your art inspires. Drake, Ed Sheeran…Beyonce. You don’t see them freely signing any artistes, but they all love and jump on what you feed us most. Why? Because whereas a voice may wane or an artiste fade, art [your art] remains eternal.

You should be applauded. You should be damn near worshipped. You deserve several accolades.

But we don’t. Yes, we. We – the fans. These young flyboyes consistently kill beatz. Are we guilty of beatzmisappropriation, dancing and forgetting the gentleman who made our joy possible? Kuvie…sorry, could be.

Well, not this fan.

I will praise you if no one else will. I will admire the intricacies of your imperceptible melodies and riffs – you know, those ones you make knowing no one might hear, but you make just because. I will make that “just ate shit” face at your insane drops and transitions and constantly scream this in everyone’s face till they do it too, “Goddammit! [Insert Producer Here] is a fucking genius!”

You are legend.

You are god.

Past, present and future, and I can’t wait till the whole world knows your name. And when that happens for our music industry…trust me. It’s all nxwth from there.

Thank you. Very much. And don’t stop believing.

Signed, A Fan


Oh. And maybe you might want to stop giving free beats to mainstream artistes and charging underground ones instead. The mainstream has been touting exposure for years…you’re still broke. If they appreciated your genius, not only would they pay you, but they would wholeheartedly grow your legend.

They say the definition of stupidity is repeating the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result. Time to try something new.

Who knows? Maybe if you picked one of these new acts, you could make a legend who would grow your legend:

“Without 40, Ali, there’d be no me” – Drake.

It’s literally God’s plan.