5 Skits from Bigg Homie Flee to get you Motivated

If you’re a Kwesi Arthur fan, or you’ve simply heard his music on the radio, you would have picked up on a distinctive voice slurring in between tracks and at the end of songs. A Brooklyn accent bedazzled with a few Twi words and soaked in a ton of motivation is what Bigg Homie Flee often delivers on tracks from the Ground Up Chale crew.

As we kick off the new year, here is a selection of our 5 favourite Bigg Homie Flee skits to keep us motivated and keep our eyes on the prize!

  1. Grind Day

    On Kwesi Arthur’s hit single, Bigg Homie Flee opens and ends the track with some powerful words that would put Gary Vee out of business.

  2. Grind Day Rmx

    On the remix to Grind Day, Bigg Homie Flee ends the track with a minute-long skit that will ginger any young spirit to go after their dreams.

  3. Fleeko’s speech

    Fleeko’s skit on the Ground Up Chale tape, We Outside, is an introduction to who Bigg Homie Flee is, his beliefs and his values. You immediately want to be this guy’s friend. I mean who wouldn’t want to be motivated all the time?!

  4. 1 Brick in Da Air

    Now, this is a skit for your gym playlist. It’s also perfect for when you need to kick the Monday Blues and get the job done. 1 Brick in da Air is an anthem, a mission statement… a bold call if anything.

  5. Let the Streets say Amen

    On We Outside, Bigg Homie Flee speaks truth and life on Let the Streets say Amen. Although short, the whimsical rhymes on this skit will put a pep in your step. Say it like a prayer and get that pep in your step.


As we all await the release of Kwesi Arthur’s next project; ‘Son of Jacob’, I personally look forward to hearing more dope skits from Bigg Homie Flee. Consider this a petition to have him start a podcast for lost souls… lord knows we need it!