How to Enjoy Life : A comprehensive study as applied to Odunsi The Engine's "Time Of Our Lives" EP.

Life has many hard knocks, we are all very much aware of that. And for centuries many have tried to find a way to make life easier. Well we’ve cracked the code. Of course with Odunsi The Engine’s first ever project; Time of Our Lives EP.

The seven track EP weaves  the secrets to a good life  in simple lyrics and intricate afro-fusion beats. With this, we’ll be breaking it down for you, track by track, so you can have a pretty lit summer and very awesome life.

1. Vibrate



It’s common today to hear “we’ve got vibes”. It’s an undefined, unseen, only felt, inherent wave that racks you up. And it’s even more beautiful when you get to share it with someone. Good vibes are relevant to enjoying life. Vibes carry out the essence of enjoying life. And it has to be everyday. Odunsi advises, we have to “Jaiye up until the morn“. It’s an all week affair, these vibes.


2. Happy Hour


The summer tune comes up with track two featuring Ghana’s Okuntakinte. The core code of life here is to appreciate the little things in life.

‘Sunsets at the back yard,

Barbecue and fire,

Fine girls in their numbers

Crop tops and sundresses

To take my pain away’

You need to forget about the negatives, ignore the stress and don’t stress. Have a happy hour everyday. You have to be careful of people who would try to dampen your vibes but don’t stress it.

‘But these melanin girls,

they are very dangerous,

But i aint tripping, no, i aint tripping’

Enjoy the little things and people around you for as small a time as it will be, even if its just an hour. The tune bubbles over an afro EDM tune that channels your spirits into a happy mood. It’s spiritual, this one.


3. Vanilla

Be Vanilla, and find your Vanilla.

You know how Vanilla flavoured anything is the safest thing to go for when trying new meals? Aside the smell, Vanilla is just calm, sweet, non provacative… safe. To have the time of your life on Earth, be the Vanilla. Odunsi has the right idea as he sings

‘I be the girl them sugar

I be the girl them water’

You have to be that calm and necessity and have the ability to gel with everyone. Odunsi mentions Falila, Vanessa, Aisha as his Vanilla, and without a doubt these girls see him as their Vanilla too.

Vibe with everyone. And be with the gyaldem.


4. Farabale

In this love song featuring Dami Oniru, Odunsi preaches that you tell the people you love, that you love them and mean it.

‘If I tell you say I love you

baby, no be cock and bull

if I tell you say I need you

you know say I dey talk true’

Allow yourself to fall in love and be a part of someones life, but help them make that decision.

Be someone’s “Baby” and let them be yours. No stressing.  You have to let them know and understand that you got them. Tell them you love them and mean it.

Love. Love without restraint, and allow yourself to be loved. That is the secret to a beautiful life.

5. Uber

Get an enabler.

Ubers are safe, comfortable, reliable taxis for any time, at any day, in any weather. You need yourself a wingman, an enabler, a get-sh*t-done person.

‘Said she wanna come (cum?)

Said she need a ride

Call the uber ride

Now she got a ride’

This Uber in Odunsi’s ‘Uber’ represents the catalyst to making things happen in his life. The tune bubbles over over traditional sounds and horns making it homey and comfortable to listen to. That’s how your enabler should be; homey and comfortable. Your buddy-buddy.


6. Shiwawu


This tune is probably the most powerful and inspiring, and also has the most pointers on life to offer. So I’ll take it bit by bit.

  1. Basically make goals and work hard at achieving them.

‘I don’t play games with my paper’

‘I keep on grinding for later, how I be living today’

2. There will be haters and negative people that may hate and probably tell you you’re misbehaving but guess what? You’re a ‘bloody case’ and you’re not backing down.

3. Make things happen for yourself. Let no one or nothing control you or drift you from your plan.

‘I am not your slave’

4. Be responsible for you actions

‘remember that i gave up on y friends

Now i got to make amends’

5. But most importantly, ‘Adura lo l3she’

Pray to God or whatever higher power you believe in and believe in yourself.

Damn… I feel like a motivational speaker.


7. Mr Loverman

This reggae inspired tune featuring BlackMagic preaches one thing; to Give love!

Spread  the love everywhere. If you are the positive thing you will give off love.

Be a Casanova of love, not girls. Have no restrictions of exclusivity when you’re giving off love.

“I need your love”  pretty much sounds like “I need jollof” but they both mean the same thing in my dictionary so get yourself some jollof and live a very happy life.

*the level of happiness is dependent on the type of jollof it is. However Ghanaian jollof is known to give elevated levels of happiness… *


In conclusion (so much smart talk lol), according to Odunsi, to live a happy life and have the time of your life, you have to:

  •  Have positive vibes
  • Appreciate the little thing
  • Be Vanilla, have Vanilla
  • Tell the people you love that you love them (and mean it)
  • Get an enabler
  • Make goals and work hard at them
  • Ignore haters
  • Do not drift from your plan
  • Be responsible for your actions
  • Pray
  • Spread love
  • Eat jollof


And these are the ways to Have the time of your life.

Get the full EP on iTunes here

You can follow Odunsi on Soundcloud and Twitter.. he drops a lot gems there.