Joojo Addison drops gems on Guy Man



Accra is tough, and to be honest, you can’t really stay by plan nowadays. It’s not surpirsing that the struggles to survive, blow or even remotely ball in this West African city has influenced many songs. The most recent be moved by the woes of survival in Accra is musician Joojo Addison.

The single originally submitted for Mr Eazi’s emPawa fund has easily turned into a popular anthem. Racking over 10k plays on soundcloud within 48 hours of release.

Joojo Addison preaches on the essence of living within your means when he raps,”you no get money you dey form Jackie Chan”.  With that established he further pronounces the importance of keeping your head down and doing the work. But not withstanding, keeping an eye out for your competition.

“Make you no envy another mans eye. You for watch your mates, you for finish your race,” He raps. Sure Accra is tough but the key to surviving lies in enjoyment. When he says, “Baby concentrate, sometimes celebrate. Life go irritate, moko sane l3 moko y3”, he preaches one important rule of life, regardless of location: Work hard, Play hard.

Rapping over an afrobeat production by Lexys, and additional vocals provided by Asi, Joojo Addison breaks down the ways of running the city (and life) before it runs you.

Guy man is a stunning reflection of the lives of young people in Accra and the sound that has influenced the generation.

Just when we thought we had lost hope in a Christmas banger for the year, it seems Joojo Addison’s Guy Man has pulled through to deliver. A jam for the occassions and advise for the youth.

Hear more nuggets of advise on Guy Man below: