Tommy Maverick's Me in Me: The EP

Tommy Maverick‘s Me in Me EP is one of the best projects to pop up on our radar this year. It is like nothing you’ve ever heard out of Africa. It’s truly a breath of fresh air.

Nigerian born Tommy Maverick, defines his first ever EP as “Alternative, Indie, Afro (country) & Blues” but continues by saying “Genres could be quite confusing and limiting but if I was to classify this EP I’d put it under these”.

It is quite remarkable that such a beautiful project  was recorded and mastered within the span of a week, with production done by Nigerian based producer Monlee and all songs written & Composed by Tommy.

“It was my decision to record every song live and make the instrumentals live.” Says Tommy.


The EP starts with “Riverbank”. A smooth love song heavily influenced by  Vance joy, Mumford and sons,and  George Ezra that makes you want to fall in love. The tune is blended perfectly with guitar strings, drum box and tambourine.

Tommy sings over the natural tones in his rugged deep voice as he assures his girl

…where you’ll be girl, I’ll be with you

if love is an ocean i wanna drown with you

cos these arms were made for you

and these shoulders meant to carry you

when you need me girl I’ll be waiting for you

cos I’ll be waiting for you

across the other side

by the riverbed.


“So Help me God” is the second song on “Me in Me” and it takes a rather melancholic tone. taking it’s title from  Kanye West‘s initial title for The Life of Pablo, the  Jake Isaacand  Mali Music.influenced tune is a call for help.

I don’t want to rule the world

I just want to sit on top

Do anything for the limelight

but I’ll wait when the time is right

So my helps me God

cos I feel lost and cold

Tommy sings, establishing his confusion and need for help and guidance from a higher power to help his navigate through life.

“The Atlas” seems like a continuation of “So help me God”. With influence from  Warsan Shire, Gary Clark Jr and  Leon Bridges the tune is a prayer for help by  The Atlas. He calls for the touch of the Lord,

cos every map of my body is aching much

. Tommy mentions his struggles of his home country Nigeria

…Went to the bar

had some drinks

then said lord take Nigeria

tears rolled down his face…



“Me in Me” ends in a love ballad, “Too much Too little” which Tommy says was influenced by Leo Stannard and  Asa. The song highlights Tommy’s confusion and hesitance to jump into love.

I don’t know what to feel

should I fall in love

or should I fall in like


The project, being Tommy Maverick’s first, is a bold declaration of his brilliant uniqueness.  Every piece is a unique composition of self-expression. Tommy’s description of his project reads “In a saturated Afro pop world, I dare to make my music quite different.”

And I dare say, he did not disappoint.