Organic EP ft Siribeatz

Siribeatz is a talented beat maker and record producer, born and raised in the Ghanaian capital, Accra. His love for music started from the early age of 5, when his late Father taught him how to play the piano. He now plays over 7 musical instruments and is an avid FL STUDIO patron. His fusion of melodic sounds and bouncy 808’s in creating Hip-Hop, Trap, and Afrobeats sounds is impressive, to say the least.



Siribeatz started production professionally in 2018. Over the years, he has gained production credits for some A-list Ghanaian artists, as well as some unreleased International collaborations. A few production credits to his name; Shatta Wale’s ‘SM ASSASSIN’, Kobla Jnr’s ‘Badman’ and Hit Drill Single ‘AKOBAM’ by Joey B, featuring AMG Medikal and Kofi Mole, co-produced with MJAYBEATZ.

Like his tag says, “Hey Siri, play me a beat”.

Where are you right now? Describe your surroundINGS. What do you see? What do you hear? What can you smell?

I’m home in the Capital, Accra. Just relaxed with family. Amidst this virus it’s best to keep family and friends closer. It’s crazy out there, but on this side I’m enjoying 24/7 homemade African food for my soul, and taking inspiration from Classical music.

If you could name this beat tape, what would you call it?

When I dropped this beat tape last year. I called it ‘LOST FILES’, literally because I couldn’t find the beat files for any of them, but still believed in them and their potential to become hit songs, with the right artists of course. This year my team and I plan on dropping a VOL.2. People really mess with this one. Fun fact; I didn’t even plan it properly bro. My manager just hit me up and asked what I got planned and the idea of a beat tape came to mind. I didn’t want to put out beats that I wanted to get to certain artistes, you know how it is. That’s how I came up with the name for the tape.

What do you imagine people doing as they listen to this tape?

Honestly, just vibes. I made some of them as far back as 3 years ago. As a beat maker, I wouldn’t really attach myself to one genre hence the selection of different genres for this tape. And with this tape as well, I just want people to vibe with it whilst they’re reading or cleaning, you know? JUST pure vibes bro!

You’re a TYPE OF food at a wedding party. What food are you and why?

Ha ha! I would have said Fufu and Chicken Light Soup, but I doubt that is served at weddings these days you know. I think people who follow my music should be asked this question, I’m just a simple guy with an expensive hobby.

Describe yourselF with a line from a song.

“All of these hoes I made off records I produced” – Travis Scott SICKO MODE.

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This might sound strange but I love the ‘HALLELUJAH CHORUS’, from the Messiah Choir so much, I can listen to it time and again without number.

You wake UP in the last movie you watched as one of the characters. What movie is it, and which character are you?

Angel Has Fallen’, Mike Banning hands down, he’s hard!

You meet 3 millionaires and they want to have a party. Who are they, and what are you playing them first?

I want to answer this question with faith. Myself, Travis Scott and Metro Boomin. I’d definitely play some extra-terrestrial loops knowing that they are both rage-filled producers, we can have a cook-up party and even make more millions. Wondakid, Travis & Metro Boomin aren’t going for anything less than a million dollars, NO CAP!

Describe 2021 AS an album. And why.

I wish there was an album called ‘WORK HARD AND WORK EVEN HARDER’ *giggles* but for the sake of existing projects , I’d go with Davido’s ‘A BETTER TIME’ album name . Last year was not entirely the best of years, too many R.I.P.’s. I really hope this year is much better.

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