Organic EP – Alex Wondergem

Organic EP winds down for 2017 with Alex Wondergem.

The Ghanaian – Dutch musician and rapper has released a number of singles this year, including his project God.  For Organic, he reveals more of himself sonically, through 4 songs.

On Organic EP 8, He blends alternative rock with a sample from J. Cole’s “Love Yourz” on Don’t Be Sleeping On Your LVL, while mixing an ethnic xylophone and a harp with some dirty bass, on spendtimewithyou a song inspired by the desire to spend time with a woman he’s been waiting to meet.

 Limitless is an alternative rock spliced with alternative trap. Made to describe his own potential. And LFs (Low Frequency) is minimal trap. Inspired by the toxic trap music of 2018 and the reality it’s projecting to the youth.

Soak Organic EP below:

Listen to more of Alex Wondergem here.