Maya Amolo gets reflective on ‘Leave me at the Pregame’

Maya Amolo’s ‘Leave Me at the Pregame’ HOLD A MIRROR TO LOVE

Party enthusiasts know the pregame is only the first step to an awesome night. Pre-game is a millennial culture of getting drinks somewhere before heading out for a night out. It’s usually where groups of friends convene. But it’s never where the party starts. Kenyan-American musician Maya Amolo, however, prefers to stay at the pregame. In her 7 track EP “Leave me at the Pre-game” the musician ignores the prospect of the party to come, to stay at the pregame in self-reflection.

From singles like ‘Puddles’, ‘Grwth’ and ‘Crashing’, she dives into the expanses of losing oneself into relationships. The pre-game represents a moment to withdraw to oneself before stepping into the wild party of relationships.

The sense of comfort and familiarity at the Pregame is unmatched. You’re with your people, they know you, they understand you, your thoughts and feelings are safe. These songs were created when I was in a place where I felt far away, from home, from myself…I just needed to bring myself back to that comfort and be left there for a while to recharge.

– Maya Amolo

Although amorous love takes centre stage on this project, the R&B project also presents a refreshing look at individuality in relationships as well as authenticity.

Listen below: