House Rules ft theflowerpapi


  • Where are you right now? Describe your surrounds. What do you see? What do you hear? What can you smell?

I’m at the studio rn, haven’t slept yet cuz I have to finish a music video treatment, mix a song and also develop ideas for my visual project(jack of all trades). In a room filled with blue and orange LEDs and a huge ass tv and a microphone(no, I don’t rap or sing) with jazz/soulection playlist playing in the background while I plot. I smell freshly cut grass, freshly squeezed juice and weed(I don’t smoke lol).


  • If you could name this mix, what would you call it?

I will call it “flowerchild essentials” or “film-roll memories”


  • What do you imagine people doing as they listen to this mix?

This is one of those mixes that you listen to whilst making out or having sex, for your early morning meditation, driving in the city at dawn, dmc with a lover and that “I look good mirror” moments. 


  • If this mix were a meal what meal would it be?

Papaye lmao or fried yam with pepper, some veggies and chicken. With a glass of lemonade and beacon threesome chocolate and water.


  • You’re a drink at the bar, what drink are you and why?

Lemonade; because it’s one of best cocktails I cherish so much. I sometimes think the easiest way to kill me is through lemonade. It’s a childhood fave as well


  • What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Jumping a wall to see a lover at 4am and getting caught in her room whilst cuddling lmaooo


  • If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Frank ocean – nights


  • You wake up in the last movie you watched as one of the characters. What movie is it, and what which character are you?

The formula, I’d prolly be Sevdaliza


  • You get the chance to create the ultimate 3 track music project. The catch is you can only use African musicians and producers. Who’s on your project?

Ouuu that’s a difficult one cuz I have a lot of fave producers but I’d like

Something with AYLØ on it produced by Garvie x Odunsi

Ansahlive x Tony Bryte x Idris King (produced by Liquidbeatz & Nostra)

Lady Donli x Ria Boss x Amaarae (produced by (myself & Uche B)


  • Describe the colour gray to a blind person.

This is a really hard one lmao okay so I’ll be like

“Hey listen, Grey is very hard and strong. It feels sturdy like a road under your feet, or the wall that you can lean against, but it isn’t alive and doesn’t grow or have feelings. And also concrete, sidewalks and metals are grey like. Storms are grey. The sounds of the loud thunder and rain mean that it looks grey outside, it’s a bit dark and depressing because the sun isn’t out. And grey also symbolizes lack of confidence and energy”



Oshun – brown

Akua naru – how does it feel now?

Frank ocean – thinking about you

Monte booker – Mona Lisa

Che lingo – black girl magic

Mufasa Enzor – go away

Thesecondsex – in a mood

Tunji Ige – war

Etta bond – #bad4me

Koji. – lotus

Mali vibes – simple things

SiR – queen

Oshun – gods

Sales untitled beat tape

Erykah badu – orange moon

Garvie – estates

WDNG Crshrs – scented candles

Ria x fu – untitled

Kill mami IAMDDB – teardrops

Sevdaliza – human