House Rules ft DVXDM

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Living like a modern day Clark Kent (in as much as modern means), David Dotse is a writer by day and turn table killing mix maker by night, under the pseudonym DVXDM.

Enjoy our chat with him over this wild ass mix!



  • Where are you right now and what are you doing? Describe your surroundings to us.

I’m in a trotro. My earphones are busted so I’m listening to the driver’s gospel/cools playlist. The women behind me have been gossiping for the last 30 mins.


  • What do you do on a normal day?

I write for a living so I’m mostly doing that.


  • How did you come to making mixes?

The first time I ever took DJing seriously was when I heard Mic Smith (I think?) playing live. I was blown away. As a producer I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a dope song being able to shift someone’s mood, if only for a minute or two. I realized most DJs do that for hours. At some point last year I just randomly decided to try it and I loved it.


  • Describe your mixes?

When I first started making mixes I was experimenting with the intersection points between Electronic music (Dance, House etc) and Ghanaian, Nigerian music, so the sound was very upbeat and scattered. These days I try to go for a theme  (like my last AfroTrap mix) and see how far I can take it. It usually starts with a song I’m really feeling at a particular time.


  • What do you imagine people doing when listening to this mix?

Dancing in your room, probably? Or maybe studying. It would be nice if it helped you get work done.


  • Who is your biggest influence music-wise?

I’m a big fan of the Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote. I think what they do with song arrangement and genre blending is genius.

Also, Dex Kwasi is one of my favorite artists to mix, he cuts across a wide range of styles, yet still remains very Ghanaian. He pops up very often in my mixes.


  • How do feel about Africa’s position in the music scene right now?

I think we’re in a really interesting place. Thanks to technology, a lot of underground, alternative music has gained more visibility and I think the listener base is also catching up to appreciating the diversity. We still need to think hard about creating sustainable systems for artists to monetize and market their work internationally and locally outside of just creating a “buzz”. Because everything we’re doing now is laying the groundwork for the years to come.


  • What was the last great movie you watched?

The last great movie I saw was Coherence. I’m really into science fiction and psychological thriller, and that was a little of both. It’s also a really great thought experiment (I won’t spoil it though)






Ozzy B/Santi – Gangsta Fear (ft. Odunsi)
EWVDZI – Sheaux Yoh Wohkins
Drake – Controlla
Amaa Rae – High Nights On The Rooftop At Passions
Mr. Eazi ft. Sarkodie – Anointing
Jesse Jagz – Burning Bush
Burna Boy – Soke
Dex Kwasi – Bass
Ice Prince ft. Yung L & J Milla – Magician
DJ Sean ft. Ray – Badda Man
Kuvie x Ayat x Moe – K3 Ke Mi
Trix – Boyz Dey Town ft Ankwanda
Mr. Eazi ft Joey B – Hol’ Up
Efya – Once Upon A Time
Show Dem Camp – Feel Alright
Adomaa – Yenko