6 things to learn from WizKid this New Year

We’re about a week into the new year and most of you are already failing at keeping your resolutions. So we compiled some easy to keep resolutions from the ONLY Starboy we acknowledge, the one and only Daddy Yo, Baba Nla Wizzy Baby Wizkid for your personal growth and development.


  • Be on top your matter

If there is a unique style you have, Ride that. Be your own swag and wave. Believe in yourself and your talent. Stay above your game and challenge yourself always.


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  • Look for Caro and Find Caro

Get the girl. That’s pretty much the aim for a lot of us.. but not literally the girl… but a prized thing. A girl, some benzes (what is the plural for benz even?) , a ferarri, your dream job, a fire body, etc… Identify what you want and work hard to get it.


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  • Be final

Let your nay be nay and your  yay be yay. No one likes a dishonest person. If you stick to your word and you are disciplined towards yourself, your goals, and others, you will eventually come out as the baba nla.


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  • Holla at Your Boy

Be the nicest pea in the pod. Holler at people. Dont be rude with your head stuck so far up some nether regions. You may have something going, but you’re not quite there yet. So take a chill pill, plaster a smile and wave boys.


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  • Let the people know your story

Wether you’re from Ojuelegba or Accra or New York, tell YOUR story. Be as real as you can be. Everyone loves authenticity… if you form, your fake will come out and no one messes with the fake shit. Tell your story your own way.

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  • Omo Jaiye Jaiye

Baby dance! Live life! Enjoy yourself! You only live once! Make memories, create vibes, LIVE. Only then will you reach the full form of a daddy Yo.


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If you carry out all of these meticulously, as well as drink your water, eat your vegetables and mind your business, you are bound to flourish. Have a great 2017!