Dope Saint Jude’s video is the gxrl power anthem you need to hear

This South African Drag King Celebrates the Sweet Glories of the 21st Century Grrrl.

grrl like dope saint jude cover

Inspired by the ‘Riot grrrl’, an underground feminist punk movement that began in the early 1990s in Washington state, Grrrl Like is an anthem for gxrls that live beyond the rules. The punk inspired video features women, queers and trans people, preaching the gospel of inclusivity and individualism.


Grrrl Like is a distinct reflection of who the 21st century grrrl is, what she represents and what she stands for.

“The video celebrates all of the things Riot Grrrl stood for, however it’s a new age grrrl gang that is intersectional, black, queer and unapologetic. The people in the music video are all involved in really progressive projects in the city, so they are not just models, they are people who carry the spirit of my music.” Dope Saint Jude told  OkayAfrica.

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Watch Grrrl Like video below: