Cue For President

In the wake of the Ghanaian election later this year, Presidential rallies and promises are sounding like pretty much the norm, but having a rapper stand for president isn’t something we had all heard before.

Kojo Cue, already acclaimed Oseikrom President and a member of one of the best musically inclined parties in Ghana, BBnZ, launched his campaign for national presidency with a one of a kind rally at Alliance Francaise in Accra.

Ever so expertly put together by HPR, the rally kicked off with a few performances from rappers like Sizzle, Cabum,and Yaw P just to mention a few.

The stage took off when  Ayat took over the stage. With a video of a super saiyan showing on the screen behind him, shirtless but covered in white tribal drawings, and his dreads tied in little puffs, Ayat delivered line after line through Barisujey and IDKY. It was a spectacular performance that had the whole crowd on their feet.

Soon, the Musical Lunatics band lined up, to introduce the aspiring president. Clad in traditional Batakari, Kojo Cue rapped with the band to Oseikrom President. The crowd was ecstatic, singing along and bopping almost involuntarily. Kojo Cue delivered a speech for his brothers as pictures of inspiring Black man and women from around the world through the ages flickered on the screen behind him.

The presidential aspirant then took the mantle to introduce his ministers to be on stage. Shaker came through, then minister to be of womens and childrens affairs Pappy Kojo came through to spoil there. After promising to “Yi Dross” and stay “Wavey”, he brought out Akiti Wro wro for Van Damme and the crowd went insane.

Another minister that shut the amphitheater down was AI. After performing Tsi Obenke Mi with Kojo Cue, AI belted out his hit song with Vision DJ, Grind. I’ve never seen a madness like that before. After the crowd begged him to give it another go, AI told the heart warming story of how exactly a year ago, he and Kojo Cue had performed at the same venue and no one who they was. And now everyone was singing along to their tunes. Truly inspiring us to keep pushing.

Kojo Cue brought out next his Minister of Energy and Minister of Foreign affairs for his administration, Stargo and Dex Kwasi. Another roar from the crowd, as they put on a mad show!

Put the night was not over, in fact it had just begun. The crowd was warmed up to the presidential aspirant, Kojo Cue. They saw his vision and loved it. They could see a better Ghana with him. It was the perfect time to bring out BBnZ party president EL.

Insanity let loose for a few moments as he served Bar after Bar of his hits. From All Black, to Lalafalama to Segbefia to Kaa Bu Ame,and the crowd sang along to everything, believing in every word of the new admistrative power they would vote for. He finally thanked God in the popular mantra Koko, on his knees as the crowd joined him to sing praises.


The only woman on the campaign team, Cina Soul finally came out on stage. As her voice sounded out the microphones as she performed Lolonye, the crowd was swayed. They fell in love with her angelic soulful voice, and if they weren’t convinced before, then Cina Soul managed to convince them all.

In the middle of Kojo Cue and Cina Soul’s Performance of My BayBey, Mr Eazi made a surprise appearance. In between performing Shito, Bankulize, Hollop and Eugy‘s hit Dance For Me, Mr Eazi mentioned that he and Kojo Cue went way back, and he cancelled his show in Nigeria to support his brother. It was a truly touching moment.


The show ended on a hype note with everyone excited for the election. Our minds were made. Who better for president of the republic that one who truly understood us and our needs? There was a clear resounding message that rang loudly in every ones ears as they stepped out of the amphitheater; “Kojo Cue for President!”