Telling a story with darkness

Stars can’t shine without darkness

Blacklight photography can be a fascinating method of photography. To reveal what is hidden, 21 year old Faisal Gidado photographed the light in the darkness. Fascinated by blacklight photography, the young Nigerian created a short,  but powerful 3-piece photoset.

Faisal started photography in 2011 by I covering school events and  capturing moments.

I was trying to convey the message saying there needs to be darkness for you to shine. It’s for everyone going through struggles right now to persevere because there will surely be light at the end of the tunnel.

The young photography is akin to event and portrait photography, although he likes to experiment when he has the chance.

Photographer: @fasco_dash
Assistant: @wintope
Makeup: @fifty.shades.of.praiseart
Muse: @lunahippie