Urban Sundays Virtual Experience

Reliving Accra’s favourite Sunday Brunch Party

There isn’t anything we miss more than Sunday brunch parties complete with bottomless mimosas. In Accra, Urban Sundays had our heart. There wasn’t a feeling that could compare to enjoying the best tunes with a slight buzz as you overlook Accra’s bustling skyline.

The recurring bottomless brunch party, Urban Sundays, has been taking place at Urban Grill and Carbon terraces in Accra since 2018. The event transitions from a mellow late-afternoon vibe with lively conversations to a bustling party as the sun sets.

As the world changes Sunday brunches at the Urban Grill don’t seem likely any time soon, but that doesn’t mean the party should stop.

Urban Sundays presents Endless Weekend – a specially curated playlist of some of their favourite jams. On Vol. 1,  Eff the DJ goes HAM with the best hip hop, Alte and R&B tunes.

Let yourself go, remind yourself of the good times and prepare for the amazing times ahead.

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Listen to Endless Weekends Vol 1 here: