There’s a thief in my Ear drums


My ear drums, pinna, cochlea and all else that comes in play into hearing awesome music has been stolen. Must be the name of the song or the song itself but Cina’s Julor is pretty darn good. With 150 plays in an hour on Soundcloud after dropping this jazzy hip hop tune on Soundcloud, Cina should be pretty much be tried and imprisoned because this piece is stealing everyone’s heart.

Odunsi, the Nigerian music production engine went in on the production. Mixing traditional beats into some jazzy vibe that not only mixes well with Cina’s sultry voice but blends incredibly with Manifest’s lines.

Incredible aiding and abetting from Manifest delivering line after line to contribute to this heist. Only flaw perhaps was that Manifest kept going on and on… His verse was a tad too long. If not for the ad libs in the back you’d have forgotten Cina was on the song… Or that it is even HER song.

Cina just killed it. The high pitch jazz singing reminded me of Adomaa who recently released her EP, Afraba.

My heart really can’t take it. These three should explain how they can sing about stealing someone’s heart and go ahead and steal ours. I’m extremely excited for what’s to come next from the budding songstress. Perhaps more great collaborations? Mr Eazi did tweet that he’d like to work with her… Can’t wait!