The Cool Kids Project


In the last few years, there has been a massive shift towards entrepreneurship and creative arts in Africa. Many young people are pushing the envelope and doing amazing things but not much of it is being documented, since they aren’t as popular yet.

This drove two photographers, Natalie Narh and Nigel Atta-Mensah, to document young people doing amazing things in Accra, combining their shared knowledge in photography and multimedia to start The Cool Kids Project.

Started in 2017, The Cool Kids Project highlights the potential of young creatives and entrepreneurs as prominent figures in their respective fields, stressing on the importance of providing these budding entrepreneurs, artists, creatives with the support they need well before they reach the global stage.

The first edition of The Cool Kids Project featured young creatives and entrepreneurs in Accra on the covers of various prominent magazines. The project featured chef, Bishops, Podcaster Denzel Osei of Unartiste, Music Curator Benewaah Boateng of Harmattan Rain, as well as the rap collective La Meme Gang.


The 2018 edition of The Cool Kids project saw an amped up version of the the project. With GIFs and video content, Nigel and Natalie documented designer, Awurama Mankatah of Threaded Tribes, Creative Director Ayebea Darko of BZDRKO and Graphic Designer, Kazaam.

you can watch all three episodes below:


The Cool Kids Project seeks to highlight more young entrepreneurs and creatives annually, providing a space for them to tell their story and push their brands.

For a final round up on their 2018 project, The Cool Kids Project is giving out CASH PRIZES, which can be won by simply answering the questions below: