THAT B!TCH! playlist cover art


Music is for everyone. Today, hip hop and its sub-genres reflect that more and more. This playlist, curated by Negomi, maps the excellence of female rappers and MCs from around the world, claiming their space in the industry while rapping about, well, whatever they want. Artwork by graphic designer Kodi is a homage to their talents.

There are some of the usual suspects: global superstars like Megan Thee Stallion – dazzling on “Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé)” – and Little Simz speaking from the heart on “101 FM”, as well as established cult favourites Kari Faux, gliding coolly over an 80s inspired production, and CHIKA, who spits distinguishing her talented self from those playing “INDUSTRY GAMES”.

Even more interesting to hear are songs from newer artists on the rise. This playlist has Lous and The Yakuza, whose music video for “Tout est gore” recently had a viral moment on Twitter, and Alicai Harley, who raps with the confidence typical of dancehall in “Tek it To Dem”. Also present are Amaarae, with relatively rare rap features, and DETO BLACK, debuting on “body count” – two multi-talented artists from close to home with tons of worldwide appeal.

There are a dozen more rappers, new and old, to enjoy over the next couple of hours. Can you say range?

Listen to THAT B!TCH! below:

a list of the songs on the playlist